martes, 7 de agosto de 2012

La Hora Zen: Drops of imperfection

I am on a therapy right now because I feel separated from myself and this sensation must be stopped before I do the crazy-stupid things you usually do when you don´t want to confront your feelings and make a change in your life.

An important part of this therapy starts with realizing how cruel and mean I am with myself. Or like sometimes I just called "being perfectionist". It's almost sounds good, but it is not!

Fortunately, I am receiving my medication from the Universe (where else?), and part of this sweet medicine includes articles like this one: "Overcoming perfectionism in a culture that promotes it" from a really really reaaaaally good blog Tiny Buddha.

I know this is a very common problem and (sadly) I am not the only resident in the "Must be perfect" town so the less i can do is spread the word, specially when these words are so strong. You must never underestimate the liberating power of a word.

Here my favorites phrases of the blog's article:

“Good enough is the new perfect.” ~Becky Beauprie Gillespie

“I’m not perfect enough to be a perfectionist!”

When we absorb the law of perfection, we are infected with the virus of self-doubt which eats away at every area of our lives

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” (Leonard Cohen) - what a wise guy!

"I can only be good enough"

"This is what I aim for now: no longer perfection, but a glorious work in progress."

"I am good enough"

I really hope WE would be better soon.

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Mikel Markuleta dijo...

You are definitely good enough :)

Panta REI dijo...

Thank you Marku! This is going to be my badge